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Global Expansion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global Expansion - Essay Exampleether, especially by dint of a common medium like the economy or the Internet. What this means is that the Internet is the major agent for realizing the dream of globalization. For major companies like Westinghouse, there is a lot of implication to this basic fact. For instance, they have the core obligation of ensuring that they device systematic strategies that will ensure that customers are able to capitalize on gate to technology and the internet to be specific to do business with them.Presently, Westinghouse has experienced so much transformation when it comes to globalization. These strategies have essentially been aimed at ensuring maximum intricacy of the companys services and products to all parts of the world. Presently, globalization has ensured that the company has its presence felt in as many as twice the bit of countries where they have their physical presence (Conchir et al, 2009). Some of the simplest methods that have been used by the company to make this possible are by ensuring that it allows sponsored and well monitored luck and courier services to countries where the only option for making purchases is through online marketing. As online marketing continues to gain so much influence on the use of the internet, what has convey imperative now is for companies to position themselves in a manner that would ensure that they can track all purchases online and ensure proper delivery (Lute, Eslinger & Jacobus, 2009). This is particularly fundamental because of the insurgence of internet fraud in the face of increasing participation of internet trading. Invariably, companies that do not put in personal measures in ensuring that multinational customers who make purchases through the internet can trust their services would become major losers in the face of competitors who can do this.Even though the ongoing globalization approaches used by Westinghouse is highly recommended, there remains a basic fact that the re still remains a lot to a greater extent the

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The use of flexible and distributed learning in higher education Literature review

The use of on the table and distributed culture in higher education (particularly post qualifying nurse education) - Literature review Example info Sources 20 3.3. Search Terms 22 3.4. Supplementary Literature 22 3.6. Data Synthesis 24 Chapter 4 Findings 25 4.1. Extent by which flexible and distributed learning is employ for continuing professional development (CPD) in nursing 26 4.2. How flexible and distributed learning is accepted among nurse practitioners as an effective throw of learning military action. 30 4.3. Strengths and weaknesses of the new paradigm for the continuing professional development of nurses 34 Chapter 5 Discussion 41 Chapter 6 Implications and Recommendations 46 Conclusions 49 References 51 Appendices 60 Abstract Background. Hickie (2004) described the beginnings of the post-registration and education framework (homework) which was instituted in 1994 to help address the changing needs in health care and protect human race interest by regulate post-qua lification practice. PREP was implemented by the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC), which is now known as the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Under the framework, nursing practitioners are required to embark on at least five days or 35 hours of learning activity relevant to current nursing practice during the three-year period preceding the renewal of their registration. Since 2000, renewal of nursing registration certificates for nurses who have not practiced their professions in any capacity for at least 750 hours during the last five years prior to application of renewal specify compulsory return to practice programmes. Additionally, the PREP continuing professional education (CPD) standard also requires nursing practitioners to maintain a personal professional profile (PPP) where all learning activity provide be recorded, and compliance with audit requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Introduction of the portfolio compi lation requirement during pre-registration prepares registered nurses for the current nursing practice of keeping a PPP (Hickie, 2004). conciliatory and distributed learning offers promising opportunities for continuing professional development of nursing practitioners outside of the rigid context of traditional formats. Aim. The aim of this literature review is to evaluate the ability of flexible and distributed learning as an effective new paradigm in the delivery of continuing professional development in nurse education. Methodology. Descriptive summary in the form of a literature review was adopted as the primary methodology. The review of literature proceeded similar to content analysis of unstructured entropy which results in summarisation of relevant findings as discussed in Wood and Ross-Kerr (2011). In this paper, findings were analysed and compiled under three main categories (1) extent by which flexible and distributed learning is applied for continuing professional d evelopment in nursing (2) how flexible and distributed learning is accepted nurse practitioners and the academe as an effective form of learning activity and (3) strengths and weaknesses of the new paradigm for continuing professional development of nurses. Pertinent conclusions were drawn grounded on the findings from the literature review. Method. A search for pertinent resources was undertaken using the following databases (arranged in the order of the initial number of articles retrieved) CogNet Library, Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition, Google Scholar, PsycARTICLES, CINAHL, Cochrane Collaboration, General Science Abstracts, Education Resource Information Centre (ERIC), PubMed, Health

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Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 15

Entrepreneurship - Essay Examplee strengths and limitations of the argumentation, primary areas where the entrepreneur requires in developing expertise and economic risks in kickoff the venture. It reflects the dynamic procedure of planning, and reviewing the agenda of the business over time. Business plan assists executive talents realize an entrepreneurs idea and determine the viability of the business in investing resources and time.The two most crucial aspects of a business plan are mission statement or idea and information analysis. This is because a business plan states the mission or the idea of the business in a clear and brief manner. The business idea communicates the ventures philosophy, ideas and core values. presidential term information, on the other hand, communicates the organizational structure of the venture to investors and members. It also indicates the financial status, information flow, decision-making process and new ideas of the business.Gumbert, David , Ha rold Klein, and Robin Sands. How to Really Create a flourishing Business Plan The Importance of a Business Plan in Building Your Business the Essential Elements of a Great Plan. Boston, Mass. Inc. Magazine,

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The wealth and poverty of nations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The wealth and poverty of nations - Es hypothesize ExampleOther pack in the world should try to understand how the expansionists Europeans have grown very rich. He also stated that relative poverty today is the result of chastening on the part of political, religious and mercantile elites to pass the tests of maintaining and regaining independence from and assimilating the technologies demonstrated by the people from Europe (DeLong, 1998). Landes demonstrated that Europe was the pump and basis of economic development. He also pointed out that the reason why Eurasian civilizations had an edge in technological advancement over non-Eurasian is the climate. According to Landes, it is unacceptable for human beings to live in any numbers in restrained climates before the invention of fire, housing, tanning, but that once the technological capability to live where it snows has been gained, the temperate climates allowed a higher material standard of living (DeLong, 1998). I am not real ly convinced about this argument that Landes had presented. Though, I can say that climate can be one of the factors affecting the developments of an economy, it need not be of great impact as what Landes had pointed out. In our world today, a rotary of counties gifted with rich natural resources and great climate are suffering from great economic issues and belonged to the less developed countries.

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All About Christianity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

All About Christianity - Research Paper ExampleChristianitys sacred literature is called the Bible, which is comprised of the gaga Testament and the New Testament. As stated in an online article entitled Overview of Christianity, central to Christian practice is the gathering at church for worship, fellowship, study, and engagement with the populace through evangelism and social action (Davis-Stofka). In this paper, we take a close look at Christianity by highlighting on its origin, its history, and its belief system. Indeed, through this holistic research approach, we intend to understand Christianity in a much deeper level by being able understand the various concepts that have shaped its strange views on an Ultimate Creator, on human nature, and on external reality. The origin of Christianity is attributed to the life of Jesus Christ who was born in 4 B.C.E. in a Jewish province called Nazareth. Believed to be the Son of God the Father, Jesus Christ spent his entire human life by doing acts of goodness and by bed cover knowledge about Gods plan toward humanity. Aside from Jesus Christ, Christianity is also known to have been deeply influenced by Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultures. Since the first Christians were Jews, their ship canal of worship included attending the holy temple, reading Jewish scriptures, and adhering to Jewish laws and customs. As Jewish Christians spread to Mediterranean provinces in Rome, they were able to proselytize the Greek-speaking Gentiles. with this, Greek intellectual culture was infused into the core of Christianity. The belief on the supremacy of logic helped in the development of philosophical explanations of the Christian faith. Likewise, it is the model of Roman political organization that formed the hierarchical system in Christianitywherein the pope is deemed to be the religious leader, followed by the archbishops, bishops, and priests. Lastly, Christian scriptures, as contained in the bible, play a full of life role in the foundation of Christianity. The bible, which comes from the Latin biblia that means books, is composed of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Jewish scriptures make up the Old Testament magic spell the twenty seven manuscripts from the apostles complete the New Testament. As further noted in Overview of Christianity, the bible has been published into 2,000 languages and is regarded as the largest selling book of all fourth dimension (Davis-Stofka). The history of Christianity can be viewed in two parts. Firstly, the early developments of Christianity from 2nd to 4th century C.E. were marked by intense persecution and identity creation. The persecution of Christians was primarily goaded by their refusal to honor the roman emperors as god-like figures, since they considered it as an act of idolatry. As punishment to their disloyalty, majority of the early Christians were tortured and killed during the reign of Emperors Domitian in 81-96 C.E., Marcus Aurelius in 161-1 80 C.E., and Decius in 249-251 C.E. The persecutions, however, did not stop the spread of Christianity. In fact, more people got converted through the hospitality and philanthropy of the early Christians, as evidenced by their plaque of social networks that cared for the poor, the widows, and the orphans. Indeed, it is Christianitys emphasis on communal life and social generosity that attracted religious conversions. As the Christian fait

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Neil v. Biggers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Neil v. Biggers - Essay ExampleThis ruling based on the read up identification brought about the precedence of making a ruling.The early(a) precedence brought about by this case was due to the fact that the writ for habeas corpus in such a case cannot be cannot be authoritative by a federal court. This is because of the affirmance according to the U.S.C 2244 (c). This therefore means that even if the case is appealed, the judgment of made by the lower courts still stands and no boost action can be taken (Ingram 2011). This was the case when Biggers appealed the ruling of the case in the Supreme Court.Even though the Neil v. Biggers was ruled in favor of the show up identification process even though it was done over seven months after the assault had taken place, conflict of ideas were raised. This has led to development of to a greater extent criteria which should be considered before judging an individual based on merely identification by an eyewitness.These criteria are proved by a psychologist employed to do so by the court. They look at several things like the time that has elapsed between the time the assault takes place and the identification process. This is meant to ensure that the memory of the plaintiff is still fresh and hence no wrong identification.Another signpost involves the accuracy of the description made earlier. This is done to ensure that there is no discrepancy whatsoever that may lead to the wrong person being incriminated and the assailant to walk free. All this is done before any ruling on the case is done and it ensures that the witness is really sure of what they are reporting before the court or in front of a jury.The other guideline criteria are on opportunity to view the assailant. This will include the physical features of the assailant like height, weight, skin complexion among other physical traits that will energise it easy to identify the individual whether in a line up or

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The Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Essay

The Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation - Essay ExampleBecause of its association with yoga and other Eastern philosophic belief systems and, later, with the New Age movements of alternative phantasmal practices, meditation has often been dismissed in the West as something less than real. Until recently the very word meditation tended to evoke raised eyebrows and thoughts about mysticism and hocus-pocus in many people. In part, that was because people did not understand that meditation is really about stipendiary attention (Kabat-Zin, 1990 21). In particular, it is about paying attention to the moment as it is passing. This moves beyond the concept of living in the moment to being intimately aw are of the moment even as it passes and becomes postcode more(prenominal) than memory. This transcendental explanation is easier defined than accomplished. The tendency of the mind is to take the opportunity of the autopilot initiative to reflect upon the past or to make plans fo r the future. For those caught in desperate situations, this can lead to a destructive cycle of thinking that leaves little room for improvement while allowing them to miss out on the joys or triumphs of the present. One way in which people can help themselves break this cycle is through the process of meditation, which, it turns out, brings about some significant benefits including the benefit of clearer thinking, more enjoyed moments and an inner peace. It also offers numerous measurable physical benefits including reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, more restful sleep and lowered cholesterol. While there are many different forms of meditation, several of which require lengthy study, practice and training to accomplish, transcendental meditation was designed to be accessible to the layperson with a stripped of training for nearly instant benefit. Transcendental meditation can have numerous physical benefits as the result of the deep breathing and relaxation exercises that par adoxically bring